Stockholm Fall Ride

The 10th Annual Sask Long Riders’ Fall Ride is scheduled for Sept 30th and Oct 1st 2023 at Arabian Knights farm in Stockholm, Saskatchewan. We offer 15 mile introductory, 25 mile limited distance, and 50 mile endurance races and are open to offering additional distances if interest is expressed. All mileages ride into the Kaposvar valley and enjoy the gorgeous fall colours and hilly terrain. The terrain is rolling hills, pasture, and dirt roads with minimal gravel and some water crossing.

This ride is welcoming to all riders and horses, regardless of experience or breed! We frequently have first time endurance riders and new horses attend and complete various distances. Riders as young as 8 and as old as 60+ have completed – for many it was their very first endurance ride! All breeds are capable of succeeding – we have
had Arabians, Quarter Horses, Paints, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas, Canadians, Saddlebreds, Warmbloods, and even a Clydesdale complete!

We are excited to see the Fall Ride grow each year. Our first ride in 2010 had only 5 riders – in 2020, we had 31 horse-rider combos for a total of 1,035 miles ridden! Most importantly, EVERYONE who started the ride that year completed with a sound and happy horse! We have had riders travel from BC, AB, MB, and throughout SK to
attend our ride. We always have a strong group of volunteers and invite anyone to attend if they’d like to help out or experience an endurance ride.

Dr. Justin Noble of Twin Valley Veterinary Services has been our ride vet since 2014. He is a very knowledgeable horseman and always eager to share his wisdom and advice. Ride mangers Robin, Tracey, and Jade Anderson have been involved with the Sask Long Riders for over 12 years. Robin and Jade have completed many endurance rides and have earned several best-conditioned awards on their home-bred horses. Tracey and Jade also compete in Dressage and Arabian breed shows. Many may also know Tracey as her Shivak Art booth is a stable at the Canadian Arabian National Show.

We always have so much fun a the Stockholm Fall Ride! Some of the best times are the stories shared around the campfire each evening. Watch the Sask Long Riders’ Facebook page or contact Robin Anderson 306. 793. 4557 for more ride details.