New Rider

So we’ve snagged your interest have we? Perfect. And about now you’re probably wondering what all this “Endurance” Riding is about? Well let’s get started.

The Saskatchewan Long Riders are the provincial organization here in our lovely (and breezy) province. Now there is a lot of knowledgeable people with miles of experience among us however, while I’m trying to catch them between rides to pick their brains for you, the lovely and incredible people over at the AERC have already put together a bunch of information that you can check out while we wait.

Who is the AERC? The AERC is the American Endurance Riding Conference and they’ve been one of the major players in Endurance Riding since their formation in 1972. If you’re interested in their history click here for a link to more information. What you need to know about them is that nearly all major endurance races (in North America) are sanctioned through them.

Now onto the information that you came here looking for.

Getting ready for your first ride? Check out this awesome collections of resources on everything from tack, to conditioning, to trailering and so much more.

Feeling a little nervous about what to expect at your first endurance ride?

Want a fast and comprehensive overview? Check out the AERC’s Discover Endurance Riding pdf.

In time we hope to fill this page and site with more information but in the mean time check out these links and then feel free to contact us through our Facebook Group or by email with any questions or concerns.